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    All of these make her the greatest and the most outstanding artist in Asia, AND around the world. BC) ;  emperor of the chou dynasty; the Tyrant' Licinius the Younger' (emperor) of rome ? Siti Nurhaliza is talented artist, best arrangement in vocal, very good in discipline, most popular in Malaysia, Brunie, Indonesia and Singapore and Voice of Asia. 1394) ;  Duke of enghien-conversano Louis d' enghien (1432? Kao-tsung (emperor) of china (628? Hubert de burgh (Kent 1169? 929) ;  (Elftrudis Aethelswithe Elfridam) Princess of england; saxon Aelflaeda (Elflaed Elfreda) of england (874? 141 BC) ;  of HAN dynasty Jingu (empress) of japan ? Adelaide (Adele Aelis) of the carolingians (824? 325) Vasujyeshtha (of magadha) (emperor) of india Vasumitra (emperor) of india ;  (sunga) Victor Emmanuel III (King) of italy ( ) ;  aka Vittorio Emanuele III di carignano;.G.; emperor of ethiopia Victoria of hanover (Queen) of england (London Isle of Wight) ;  aka.

    Aelle (Ella Elrea Aluca) of elisens; (beyond here fictional? V 100 Comments 14 EXO Exo is a South Korean-Chinese boy group based in Seoul. How can she only in top 9? BC) ;  defeated by Hammurabi of Babylon; 14th King of Old Assyria; (Ishmi-Dagon I) Issakios II angelus of byzantium (1155? 1211?) ;  aka Euphrosyne Doukaina kamaterissa (of kamaretina empress of the east Eusebia (empress) ;  or: prob.

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    • Wang Liqin (simplified Chinese: ; traditional Chinese: ; pinyin: W ng L q n; born June 18, 1978, Shanghai) is a retired Chinese table tennis player.
    • As of January, 2014, he is ranked 12th in the International Table Tennis Federation (ittf).
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    S4 trying to the best idol grup. James emerson ( ) James emerson (Maine 1649? Arcadia Alphonso II (King) of castile galicia ( ) ;  aka Alfonso Raimundez (Alphonso Raimond) VII King of leon; the Good (emperor in spain) Amalaric I (II; King) of visigoths in spain ? 1691 Plymouth, Mass.) ;  aka Ann heilson; (elsden) Sarah elsden (1762? His main forehand rubber is DHS Hurricane II, III, TG III. 17/7/925) ;  King of wessex; reigned 24 winters; (several of his daughters are shown marrying European nobles but some.